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  • We make the production of all kinds of gears

  • We produce all special parts

  • High precision production

  • Conical flange with heat treatment

  • We produce with all materials

  • We use the latest generation cnc machine

Who we are

Mikroni-ELD was founded in 2001 as a family legacy, starting with only 3 employees, which eventually grew to 8.
The company started with 3 working machines, which were mainly used for small machinery repair.
Meanwhile, the company has expanded the workshop as a result of investing in more advanced and modern CNC machinery.
The company expanded with increasing customer demands, thanks to the hard work of our staff, based on the quality and excellence of the work.
Our company is also equipped with all the ISO standards required in the metal processing industry.
Thanks to these investments we have now expanded the production of various products, where we have recently been equipped with some new technology CNC machines 2019.
In recent years we have increased demand from the European market, so we are growing as a workforce now numbering about 22 employees in different departments.


What we do

Now Mikroni-ELD has excellent cooperation with many companies, for which different machines serve:
Small, medium, but also heavy machinery

Service in asphalt and concrete production machinery
Servicing of quarries
Servicing and production of hydraulic pistons
Production of frames / shapes for different products
The company's machinery performs:
Carving / shaving of axles to 900 x 6000 mm
Production of cogwheels up to: 800
Manufacture of all requirements with CNC machine
Production of molds with all kinds of materials

What we offer

In the following, we present some of the work we offer:
  • Gears:  Straight, helical, internal braces
  • Spindle: Bobbins with channels, filaments, excavators, stone, concrete, and industrial machines.
  • Pliers, with channels, with threads
  • Different formats: Plastic, aluminum,gus metal form
  • Head for hydraulic pistons from Steel material
  • Different elements from stainless steel material material for food packaging